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Today imaginary interview with General Woyrsch

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Interviewer: Hello, Mr. General!

Gen. Martin Wilhelm Remus von Woyrsch: Hello.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your place of birth and family?

Gen. Woyrsch: I was born on 02/04/1847 in Pilsnitz Manor. My father-Karl Wilhelm von Woyrsch Remus was a landowner and the secret counsellor and a member of the House of Lords. My mother, on the other hand-Cäcilie von Websky was the daughter of renowned Wroclaw industrialist -Martin Websky. I was the eldest son.

Interviewer: I see. What were the origins of your military career?

Gen.Woyrsch: After the high school I joined the military academy. On 04.05.1866 I enlisted in the 1 Potsdam Grenadier Guards Regiment, the same year I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the seven-week war with Austria.

Interviewer: Did you receive an award for that?

Gen. Woyrsch: The first medal I won at the Franco Prussian War. I will never forget this war because it was my first significant campaign. But the most important distinction for me was the Iron Cross, which I got in 1871.

Interviewer: Do you know why it is called the Iron Cross medal?

Gen.Woyrsch: Of course I do. It was the greatest honor that man like me could attain. This achievement had already been known in the Prussian army since 1813 and was established in Breslau. Every soldier knows that.

Interviewer: How did your further military career develop?

Gen.Woyrsch: Later I served on the general headquarter. In 1896 I became a colonel of the Regiment of the Guards of the Fusiliers, a year later, I got a rank of a genera. It was a special event for me, since I joined the academy I dreamed about it. In 1901 I became the commander of the 12 divisions having headquarter in Nysa. In the years 1903-1904 I commanded VI Corps in Wroclaw. In 1905 I received the rank of the general of infantry. In 1911, after 45 years of service I was discharged from the army.

Interviewer: What made you return again to the army?

Gen. Woyrsch: I was enlisted in army because of the experience. It happened in 1914, when World War I broke out. I admit that I did not expect that turn of events but without hesitation I wanted to do it. I commanded Silesian Landwehr Corps that work on the Eastern Front under the command of the Austrians.

Interviewer: What was your purpose?

Gen. Woyrsch: My job was to secure Silesia against Russian attack.

Interviewer: Do you recall any special event?

Gen. Woyrsch: I remember that in 1915 I distinguished hmyself during the operation in Rawa Ruska. I covered the retreat of our ally which saved the Austrians from defeat.

Interviewer: Don’t you have the feeling going to the war you left someone?

Gen. Woyrsch: Yes. That person is my wife-Thekla von Massow. I married her in 1873 in Poczdam.

Interviewer: How happened to the corps?

Gen. Woyrsch: The corps was renamed in 1916 as the Group Army - Woyrsch (Heeresgruppe Woyrsch). I fought in many victorious battles, including Torun. In 1917, for the actions of the offensive of Brusilov I gained the degree of the field marshal. The group was demobilized in December 1917, after the defeat of the Russian army.

Interviewer: What caused that left the army?

Gen. Worsch: Despite may opinions, I was dismissed at my own request. After many years of service, I wanted to start a well deserved rest.

Interviewer: Is this the end of your military career?

Gen.Worsch: Currently, I am a veteran but there is a possibility that I will enlist in order to take command over the southern borders of Germany.

Interviewer: Thank you for the interview and have a nice rest.

Gen. Woyrsch: You are welcome and have a nice day.